Candice Greathouse (b.1984) is an interdisciplinary artist and contemporary curator, based in Atlanta, GA. Her curatorial and artistic practice work hand-in-hand, with an emphasis in critical dialogues, experimental methods, and unconventional projects. Greathouse received her Master of Fine Arts in Photography in 2012​ ​from Georgia State University.​ ​She further received a Master of Arts degree in contemporary art history in 2014, also from Georgia State University​. ​Her photography, video, and installation work has been shown in galleries throughout Atlanta and nationally at AQUA Art Fair in Miami, FL and in Chicago, IL. She has curated exhibitions in the Greater Atlanta area, notably at City of Atlanta's Gallery 72, Hambidge Arts Center, and University of Georgia's galleries.

Domestic and nostalgic objects, the family archive, and gendered concepts of “female sentimentality” significantly inform her artistic process. Greathouse documents collected materials, often balloons, through lens-less photography and the moving image, recently expanding into installation. These balloons function as metaphors - of the human body, as containers of time and experience, and of the specificity of the relationships contained within. Her installation and collaborative practice also engage with these ideas, creating site-specific works that explore immersive and ephemeral experiences, moments that are neither here nor there.

Candice Greathouse has a collaborative practice with artist Curtis Ames, including installations at Atlanta Contemporary and The HIGH Museum. 

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